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Real EstateEsquire Law Firm, Inc. has been involved in more than 5,000 real estate matters since 1994. We have assisted with issues pertaining to property disputes, buy and sell contracts, and evictions to name a few. We know that most real estate transactions run perfectly smoothly. In most cases, this is because the parties involved have sought the assistance of an experienced real estate attorney.

One of the advantages of seeking assistance from an experienced attorney before you get involved in a real estate transaction is it can save you time, and money. Having an attorney involved at the start of a transaction could mean you avoid some of the common problems and pitfalls involved in real estate matters. Generally, waiting until a problem occurs means you will spend more time, and money unraveling the issue.

We are prepared to review all types of real estate contracts. Leases, purchase and sale agreements, or rental agreements should all be carefully reviewed before they are executed to avoid problems later. Because of our familiarity with California real estate law, we can make sure you are protected before you sign a real estate contract.

If you are considering entering into any type of real estate matter, contact Esquire Law Firm, Inc. We are committed to providing you with the individualized real estate law services you need.