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Civil LitigationMost businesses usually rely on sound legal advice and direction in their day-to-day activities and future planning.  One of the most common mistakes made is to seek legal advice after the problem has been caused which makes the solution both more time consuming and expensive.  With proper direction and experience guiding your business in advance, many will not only avoid legal pitfalls, but will actually benefit from properly positioned legal planning.

We have represented business from start to finish with their daily business operations both in and out of the courtroom.  We have successfully represented clients resolve or adjudicate claims in various types of business cases, including breach of performance contract, business partnership disputes, construction defect and similar related items.

Regardless of the type of litigation involved, you need an attorney who will serve as your advocate, to represent your position, and make sure the outcome is in your best interest. We always make sure our client’s interests are at the forefront, regardless of the type of litigation we are involved in. We have appeared in court thousands of times. We are familiar that sometimes people either need to use the courts to get what they are entitled by law, or they are unfortunate targets of others trying to take advantage by abusing the court system against them.  Either way, our office has extensive experience with bench trials, jury trials, arbitration and mediation in all such litigated cases so that you can have a representative ready to do whatever it takes to protect your personal and business interests.

California civil law can be complicated which means you need an attorney with experience. Thanks to our involvement in numerous cases of all sizes, you can count on us. Our approach is simple, every case is unique and must be handled individually. You can reach your attorney whenever you need to, and we will answer all your questions.

If you are involved in any type of dispute in the Los Angeles metro area, contact Esquire Law Firm, Inc. today. We can help you get your legal matters resolved.