Case Results/Values *


Train Accident Deaths & Serious Injuries in joint actions


Planning for Clientele with Estate and Business Cumulative value


Car SUV accident human error/malfunction defect


Real Estate dispute over sale of property


Death & Serious injuries from single vehicle rollover accident


Multiple injuries in multi-vehicle collision


Real Estate ownership dispute


Neck injury to healthy person


Real Estate construction unjustified refusal to pay


Reckless driver causes injury to innocent person


Living Trust dispute over rightful heir


Knee injury/wrist injury to innocent driver


Claim against Public Entity


Real Estate fraud


Construction Negligence failure to warn


Disregard and injury to disabled person


Stress related injury from other’s negligence


Shoulder fracture to pedestrian hit by vehicle


Family injury in auto crash on the way to church


Auto accident stress causes heart attack


Freeway accident caused by dangerous driving


Senior citizen injured while vehicle backing unsafely


Unsafe condition causing healthy person to fall

Policy Limit

Wrongful death of innocent pedestrian


Employment discrimination/harassment of worker


Injury to pregnant woman/premature birth of child


Elder abuse/harm to senior citizen

Policy Limit

Head-on collision injures innocent couple


Insurance company refusal to help its own client


Business fraud/misrepresentation to customers


Property loses value due to title company negligence


Malpractice of another lawyer in handling injury case

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